About Us

Are you looking for the best bikers' suits, gloves, jackets, and boots? Moto Lords is one of the foremost service providers worldwide that can help you in finding your desired product. We have been able to expand our product line over the years with various customization options such as color, leather type, design, sponsor tags, and more.

The company provides leathers and leather jackets for MotoGP and WSBK world champions' riders during their racing seasons. Our commitment to quality materials and skilled craftsmanship is the key to the success of Moto Lords.
Moreover, The company manufactures and distributes hand-stitched leather goods to its customers. We have a highly skilled and specialized team that gives an amount of personal attention while making customized leathers, making them stand out among other mass-produced cheap products.

We are the manufacturers of motorcycle racing apparel and we make mass produce fully customized gear. You choose and our expert manufacturers can stitch the exact replica suit, jacket, or any mentioned product for you at competitive prices.

Our company understands the demand for modern and ever evolving racing needs, that's why we provide the service of customized products of your desired choice. Our goal is to provide customers with fashion-forward and protective leather costumes that give them a modern look and also keep them safe against injuries. The add-ons are always open to customers. They can choose the color scheme, leather, and other stuff according to their preferences.

As a leading company, keeping our customers satisfied is the first step to success at Moto Lords. So, our top priority is the satisfaction of our clients, and to ensure that we achieve that, we are prepared to go above and beyond. So, if you are bike lovers and searching for high-quality leather, then your search ends here.

Our Goals

  • After years of experience in Leathers, we developed an in-depth knowledge of sourcing and manufacturing the highest quality products to fulfill our extended customers' needs, demands, and expectations.
  • Thousands of customers have trusted us because of our quality, which has allowed us to expand around the world.
  • Our team gets updated training so they can meet the latest quality and safety standards.
Our Mission
  • The mission of our company is to protect customers from inevitable falls by using 100% genuine leather and CE-approved level 1 protection.
  • To provide full customization options.
  • Made-to-measure gear if you don't fit a standard size.
  • Leather hand stitched to the highest quality
  • Make you look different with custom fashion leathers.