Коллекция: Boots

It's important for the bike to talk to the rider's feet in any form of motorcycling. In fact, it's possible to view the feet as the control center since they guide both the rider's movement and position. This makes it extremely important for the motorcycle rider to provide appropriate foot protection.

For this problem, MotoGP Boots is the perfect solution. The MotoGP riding boots are offered here to ensure a completely safe and comfortable racing experience. There is no possible way to compromise on the quality and the boots are designed to resist abrasions and cuts to protect the rider from possible injury in case of an accident.

So, let Moto Lords help you find the amazing boots by presenting a wide collection of MotoGP racing Boots. It comes in many shapes and sizes, but all of them have the same functionality. They are designed to provide complete protection to your legs and feet when exposed to extreme conditions on the track and in the event of a crash. Boots generally feature high-impact plastic materials and sliders, which offer high degrees of grip at high speeds, as well as reinforcement around the ankle, shin, calf, and toe boxes.

We are provided a variation of boots worn by your favorites such as MARC MARQUEZ MOTOGP 2018-19 LEATHER RACE BOOTS, JONATHAN REA WSBK MOTOGP 2020 LEATHER RACE BOOTS, and ALEX RINS MOTOGP 2020 LEATHER RACE BOOTS etc. The boots above are all in the 2018-2020 range and they're all available on our website or you can customize yours if you want to.

The MotoGP boots that we offer are exact replicas of boots worn by the riders themselves. Featuring a wide selection of brands and footwear for bikers such as Marc Marquez boots, Valentino Rossi and Jonathan Rea footwear, our company has everything in the store that every motorcyclist dream of.