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Types of Motorcycle Riding Gloves

All amateur riders will suffer bruised hands and knees when they first go out riding and breaking the speed limits. The first instinct that every rider gets is to put your hands down at the ground to protect the rest of the body but how do we protect hands?


Dainese and Alpinestars are the oldest leather gloves for motorcycle riding manufacturers. These companies are making leather products including leather gloves since 1980s.

Riders can get custom motorcycle gloves made too. 


Types of Motorcycle Riding Gloves


Short Gloves

Short motorcycle gloves are made of mesh or mesh and leather mixed. These give riders better ventilation and easy to wear around feel.


Semi Gauntlet

Semi gauntlets motorcycle gloves are between full gloves and short gloves. These are made for riders who want more protection than short gloves and still wants something easy to wear and short. Semi gauntlet riding gloves are not too heavy in weight and are best to ride in the city.


Full Gauntlet

Full gauntlet motorcycle riding gloves provide full protection and are made for serious riders who go beyond the speed limits. They are long and have multiple fastening points.


Riders have the options of getting custom made gloves according to their size and personality.


Motorcycle riding gloves material

Riding gloves must protect your hands, even a minor fall from bike can hurt your hands.  Choosing the right gloves for riding is very critical.


Riding gloves are made of various materials but leather gloves are most popular ones as leather has the natural anti abrasion properties. Motorcycle riding leather gloves are widely used gloves.


Generally, the gloves come in knuckle area protection, padding on fingers and palm area. There can be an option of pinkie finger protection, padding on the side, slider on the finger.


Mesh Gloves  


Mesh riding gloves are better for causal riding not good for touring as they provide very little protection. Often called summer gloves as they provide better ventilation.


Mesh and Leather Gloves


Mesh and leather gloves provide better protection than mesh only gloves. Leather is used in critical areas of the hand but the gloves compromise on protection a bit.


Leather Gloves


Full leather gloves provide best protection, comfort, and excellent grip while riding. They often come with palm and fingers protection and Velcro for custom fit. The leather sometimes is mixed with polyester.


Measuring the Gloves Size


This is the most commonly used size chart. There are few things that need to be considered before measuring; the palm must be measured twice because if the gloves are too tight it can hurt the fingers in long rides and If it is loose, the grip will be effected causing crashes.

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