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Custom Made Motorcycle Race Suits - How is it made?

There are many brands out there that sell ready-made leather suits but some riders have needs custom-made suits. We at moto lords make all sorts of customized leather suits. Falls from bikes are pretty common but good leather can protect you from severe injuries.
Following the simple custom size form, riders can get measured for custom-made motorcycle race suits. We keep all the standards in mind while making the suits. The protections in the custom-made suit need to be CE Level 1 approved.
At Moto Lords professional pattern makers take great pride in starting from scratch on every suit to give the rider the exact ‘custom fit” he or she needs and desires with each suit being hand-cut.

Made by Hand

At Moto Lords we make suits all by hand keeping all the world safety standards in mind. We make suits and leather jackets in 100% genuine cowhide leather, Kangaroo leather, and buffalo leather. We also use Kevlar in stitching. 
We make the suits with the safety of the rider in mind and we have achieved that successfully. 

Customization Options

We offer full customization options which include but are not limited to different leather colors, custom sizes, different tags, sublimation and choice of leathers. Giving riders the freedom to reflect their personalities in their suits and giving them the protection they deserve is our mission.

Matching Gear

Riders can easily match their suits with their bikes not only suits but they can have matching motorcycle riding leather boots and motorcycle riding leather gloves too. All they have to do is share the image of the bike and our expert designers will handle the rest.

You will Crash and what is your safety worth?

Because we all know there are only two types of motorcycle riders the one that crashed and the ones that will crash-the question is do you want to trust a rack suit that was thrown together to meet a general size or do you want a custom fit motorcycle suit that is customized to your body to save you skin?
Choose your leathers wisely.
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